Special Order Parts

The Land Rover Genuine Parts section covers every part sold by JLR in the UK, not everything is available off the shelf at JLR so we will need to enquire for current availability for any item in this section. Because of poor data on weights and dimensions of these items, we would need to also verify shipping options. If any single item is over 30kgs we are unlikely to be able to ship through our current courier contracts. Likewise items over 1 metre in length can be difficult outside of the UK, often the couriers impose surcharges on items that can not go on their conveyor belts. 

Product is split into sections below because of the size of the product file, so use the search facility to search by part number, no product images are shown in this section. Please also check to see If the product is also in our main vehicle sections, if so and there is an image then we are likely to carry it in stock.