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SDB000646 92147703 Textar Premium Single Rear Brake Disc

92147703 Textar Premium Single Rear Brake Disc 
Equivalent to these references: SDB000646, SDB000644, SDB000645
Textar Brake Discs

Textar is our premium OEM level product offering. Textar is found on more current vehicle build than any other friction brand in Europe. Investigate the Textar pedigree at www.textar.com and in particular we encourage you to read this before you change your discs to ensure existing faults are not repeated.

Utilising cutting-edge brake technology, Textar brakes are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance and comfort. This uncompromising approach has been the very ethos of Textar for more than 100 years. And its the reason why Textar remains a trusted partner to the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers today.
The optimum braking result can only be achieved with brake discs precisely tailored to the brake pad. It is this philosophy that has also made us experts in terms of the right friction partner for our brake pads. The Textar brake disc range is manufactured in strict accordance to O.E. tolerances and meets the ECE R90-requirements.

Fight the Fakes!
Fake brake parts are a very real thing. Some purchasers may be tempted to save money by purchasing cheap products online but they could be potentially dangerous fakes.
When your brake pads or discs need changing, buy quality branded products. This helps guarantee high quality performance when you need it most in an emergency situation. The bargains on the internet are often forgeries, offering very poor performance. Do not risk your own safety.
Advanced Factors are a trusted partner of Textar and purchase direct from them ensuring only genuine products are offered by us.

Safety First!
Because brake disc are a part of the brake system and, therefore, safety parts, all work must be carried out with extreme diligence. Brake discs should only be changed by individuals who have the appropriate knowledge. Work that has not been appropriately carried out can lead to the failure of the braking system.

Textar (TMD) Technical Hotline
+49 2171 703 0
MPN: 92147703, SDB000646, SDB000644, SDB000645
WARRANTY: 2 Year Warranty
Country of Origin: CN
Brand: Textar
£61.91 Inc. VAT
£51.59 Ex. VAT
SDB000646 92147703 Textar Premium Single Rear Brake Disc

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