RW1577 LR000703 XZQ000011 LR044255 H7 Ring Performance Bulb + 150% More Light (Pair)

Product code: RW1577
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Product information

Xenon150 H7 performance halogen headlamp. Upgrade to get more light on the road - up to 150% more than a standard headlamp. With a longer beam pattern, Xenon150s allow you to see hazards sooner, and the whiter light gives better reflections from road markings and signs. An easy upgrade to improve your driving experience and get a white, high spec look - no wiring changes needed.

Xenon150 bulbs are extensively tested to ensure that they give excellent brightness, in the right spot on the road. And unlike other +150% brighter bulbs, there is no compromise on life compared to other high performance halogens.

The brightest, longest lasting +150% brighter performance halogen there is.

  • +150% brighter H7 performance halogen upgrade
  • No compromise on life - up to 350 hours
  • 80m longer beam pattern than standard halogens
  • 3700K colour temperature for white light
  • Whiter light gives better reflections from signs and road markings
  • E approved and road legal

Technical specifications

MPN RW1577, 477, LR000703, XZQ000011, LR044255
Brand Ring Automotive
Product Code RW1577
Weight 0.13kg