Oils for Land Rover

"ADV" Numbers in this section refer to our recommended fluids, as shown in our service parts section for each vehicle, they are researched using various sources including vehicle manufacturer data and oil companies recommendations, as oils constantly evolve you are likely to see some choices that were not originally in your vehicle handbook. 
Land Rover have only recently issued their own oil specifications, for this example: STJLR.03.5003 this was previously only known as Ford Specification M2C913-A (or B or C) which was also labeled as A1 and then A5, This grade will soon be dropped by ACEA and it will become C5, this will likely make it suitable for some vehicles needing reduced sulphur oil.

Correctly specifying oil has become even more important since the arrival of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs). DPFs are quite easy to block with high sulphur oils, this is especially so with repeated short journeys and therefore a lack or regeneration activity within the DPF. If you have a DPF fitted make sure you only use a lower sulphur oil.

Previous LR models relied on Ford specifications for oil, although we are now starting to see JLR specifications to cover these.
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