LRD09 Defender Inertia Switch Cut Off Loom TD5 & 2.2

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Product information

LRD09 Defender Inertia Switch Cut Off Loom

This is a great little addition to any security package... 

Every Land Rover since the Td5 has a safety cut off switch in case of a crash, where it automatically cuts power to the ECU.

This is a kit that uses the merits of cutting the engine as an anti theft product too. Simply plugs in so need to cut into any wiring and also makes this almost fully  reversible. Comes with full instructions, and will require mounting the switch some where discreet with a 10mm hole.

Currently only available for the Puma 2.2 and Td5

Technical specifications

Country of Origin GB
Brand LRD
Product Code LRD09
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