LRD06 Defender LRD Pedal Pin Lock

Product code: LRD06
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Product information

LRD06 Defender LRD Pedal Pin Lock All models up to 2012 (Not 2.2 Puma)

One of the most common things asked about security is, is it convenient. We don't really believe in having all these items of security, if it takes twenty minutes from getting into the Land Rover, to driving away. Moreover if multiple items are employed, that are cumbersome, many people find themselves leaving all these items in the back of the car, unless leaving it for a long period of time.

This is why LRD have designed this product to be quick simple and effective to add as an additional layer, used on its own it will slow people down and imply that there are a lot of other security items may be fitted elsewhere on the vehicle. Importantly it can be used alongside other pedal locks to make it very difficult to drive away. 

Using current bolt holes, the Pedal Pin is bolted in place either side of the clutch pedal and the pin fitted in place, to prevent use of the clutch.

Technical specifications

Country of Origin GB
Brand LRD
Product Code LRD06
Weight 3.5kg