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LED Bulb Upgrades

For bulb types fitted to your vehicle refer to our model section/body/bulbs.

SMD Panels come with a set of adaptors to fit 501 W5W wedge base, 233 & universal fit in place of festoon cylindrical bulbs 

LEDs, unlike standard bulbs have a correct/incorrect power direction. If it doesn't work, turn it around, we suggest you check operation before you refit the unit. Some models sense voltage changes, when changing bulbs for LEDs you may have to wait for the vehicle to go to sleep and wake up again before the system recognises and powers up the LEDs.

Front & Rear Indicators require increased resistance to ensure dash indication at the correct speed. Fitting a resistor inline overcomes this issue. 

Please note that none of these upgrade "bulbs" are "E" marked so do not meet UK vehicle homologation standards (For statutory exterior lamps), at present the MOT test in the UK does not check this requirement is met.