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KIT630 HD Front Lower Arms & Bolt Kits Range Rover Sport 4 Year Warranty

KIT630 Front HD Lower Arm Set with bolt kits for both sides

This is our custom, built in house, lower arm kit fitted with Meyle bushings, replacing the Hydra bush for a solid one as this is the most common cause of failure and a later type (35mm) premium ball joint. 

These will fit:
Discovery 3 all air suspension models
Discovery 4 all air suspension models
Range Rover Sport L320 2005-2013

The arm kit is supplied with Hub Nuts, Bolts, Nuts & Washers for all mountings, these always seize in and often cutting is the best way to remove.

Please follow the fitting guides, you will need a full geometry reset after fitting these arms, the bolts and washers are marked to set the camber, it is a good idea to paint around these before removal to get the new ones in roughly the right position. Bolts should not be fully tightened whilst the wheel(s) are suspended, do this once the vehicle is level, it's also a good idea to suggest to your alignment specialist that the bolts are loose on each side of the chassis when adjusting, this is to avoid the camber washer riding up the bolt and then needing to be replaced again. 
MPN: KIT630, LR075995, LR075993, LR029306, LR029304
WARRANTY: 4 Year Warranty
Country of Origin: GB
Brand: Kit-See Description
£264.00 Inc. VAT
£220.00 Ex. VAT
KIT630 HD Front Lower Arms & Bolt Kits Range Rover Sport  4 Year Warranty

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