KIT370P Performance Front Disc & Pad Kit Discovery 3 2.7

Product code: KIT370P
£195.83 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Our Performance Disc & Pad Kits Contain:
A Pair of Custom made in the UK National Performance Grooved, Dimple Drilled & Blacked Brake Discs
A set of EBC Road Performance Brake Pads (Greenstuff where available)
Brake Disc Retaining Screws(Where required)
Sachet Ceratec Lubricant
Thread Lock
Wear Indicator Wire (Where required)

Please note that typically performance brakes do not have the same service life as standard types due to the extra demands on the friction surfaces, of course you should notice benefits from enhanced braking after sensible bedding in has been completed.

Technical specifications

Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Country of Origin GB
Brand Kit-See Description
Product Code KIT370P
Weight 25kg