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KIT291N NK Front Disc & Pad Kit RRS & Discovery 4 3.0 SDB000624 & LR051626

KIT291N NK Disc & Pad Kit RRS & Discovery 4 3.0 SDB000624 & LR051626

Kit Contents:
NK Brake Disc x 2
NK Brake Pad Set with Bolts
Ceratec Lubricant
Brake Disc Screws x 2
Brake Pad Fitting Shims (top and bottom of caliper)
Brake Warning Wire

NK is a trademark owned by the Danish SBS Group.

For decades, NK has been a well-known and respected trademark for brakes, steering, clutch and other automotive wear and tear parts all over Europe.

With origin in Scandinavia, NK was introduced in Germany 25 years ago and afterwards spread to other markets as a consequence of our companys growth. Today NK products are sold all over the European continent as well as in Russia and its neighbouring countries.

The owner of the NK brand, the SBS Group comprises two divisions:

SBS Automotive A/S

With operations in Germany, France, Denmark, Poland and Russia this division focuses on sourcing, inventory management, completion, distribution and sales of a wide range of automotive spare parts within brakes, steering, transmission, clutches and electrical motor parts.

From distribution platforms in Eisenach/Germany, Chaumont/ France and St°vring/Denmark, and supported by our packing operation in Stettin, Poland, a large part of Europe can be reached with overnight deliveries of the NK spare part range.

SBS Friction A/S

One of the worlds leading developers and manufacturers of friction technology for motorcycles and other powered two wheelers as well as special applications such as wind turbines. The programme includes a full range of disc brake pads for motorcycles and scooters.

WARRANTY: 2 Year Warranty
Brand: Kit-See Description
£156.00 Inc. VAT
£130.00 Ex. VAT
KIT291N NK Front  Disc & Pad Kit RRS & Discovery 4 3.0 SDB000624 & LR051626

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