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KIT280D Delphi Premium Front Disc & Pad Kit 2.2d Freelander 2, Evoque, Discovery Sport

KIT280D Delphi Premium Front Disc & Pad Kit Freelander 2, Evoque, Discovery Sport

Delphi is one of our premium OEM level product offering. Delphi was formed in the USA in 1888 and is attributed with many automotive inventions including Rack & Pinion Steering, it has also owned companies such as Champion & Delco and later became a part of General Motors, Delphi was spun off as an independent company in the mid 1990's but GM is still it's biggest customer.

Delphi Kits Contain:
Pair Delphi Brake Discs
Set Delphi Brake Pads 
Brake Disc Retaining Screws
Sachet Ceratec Lubricant
Thread Lock

Safety First!
Many brake pad & disc replacements seem quite straightforward and they are, so we encourage you to maintain your own vehicle but if in any doubt seek help from a suitably trained person.(some rear disc replacements require extra attention to hand brake shoe adjustment). Please seek knowledge from the workshop manuals or owners forums for fitting tips and pay attention to tightening torques. Do not apply grease to the disc to wheel surface areas or wheel studs. When raising the vehicle off the ground make sure the weight is supported by axle stands and use wheel chocks to stop movement, do not rely on just the jacking device for support.

Delphi Brake Discs for Land Rover & Range Rover:
Without question, brakes are the most powerful, and important, system on your vehicle. The mechanical and thermal stresses acting on the brake disc itself are extremely high. For this reason its imperative theyre up to the job, and perform just as theyre intended. Like all Delphi braking products, the discs are made to mirror the OE. Thats why if the OE disc has it, the Delphi disc has it too. Be it coated, cross drilled or high-carbonits a given. So whatever the technology, you can be assured that every Delphi disc has been designed, engineered and manufactured to provide the very best braking performance. Just like the OE.

Delphi Brake Pads for Land Rover & Range Rover:
Responsible for stopping vehicles quicker and quieter than ever before, brake pads are one of the most important components in the braking system. And is why theres no compromise when it comes to choosing one.  As a leading Tier-1 OE manufacturer, Delphi pads are designed, manufactured and tested to the meet the same standards of performance, consistency and longevity as the OE.  Delphi call it Five Layers of Quality and they build these into every one of their pads.

1)    Shims: OE-quality, multi-layered shims for quieter braking.
2)    Back plate: Manufactured from high-strength pressed steel with a special powder coating for increased strength and wear resistance.
3)    OE underlayer: 3mm noise-absorbing friction material for reduced heat transfer (up to 22%) and increased sheer strength (up to 31%).
4)    Friction material: more than 130 different friction ingredients and 20 unique friction formulations engineered for the vehicle class.
5)    Friction surface: OE configured chamfers to shorten bedding in and reduce noise. Plus slots for increased flexibility and water and dust removal.

The advantages of CeraTec:
Contains no solids
Suitable for ABS
Facilitates brake installation
Reduces brake squealing
Protects against scoring and corrosion
Free of copper and acids - We do not recommend the use of Copper Grease on brakes!
Pressure-resistant / high viscosity
Apply a small smear of CeraTec in the areas indicated below. Do not apply any to the brake pad!

Thread Lock:
Use on caliper to hub retaining bolts if reusing old ones.

Bedding-in Instructions
As a general rule, brake pad and brake disc are fully run in after 200 km.
As far as possible, new parts should not be exposed to extreme loads in the bedding-in phase. You should therefore plan your driving and braking behaviour accordingly.

But keep in mind:
The general traffic situation requires various reactions and always has priority!

When bedding in coated brake discs, you may initially hear a grinding or scraping noise. This will, however, disappear after several brake applications. Especially in the initial phase, high brake temperatures must be avoided. Should the noise persist, have the brake checked immediately for correct assembly.
WARRANTY: 2 Year Warranty
Brand: Kit-See Description
£110.04 Inc. VAT
£91.70 Ex. VAT
KIT280D Delphi Premium Front Disc & Pad Kit 2.2d Freelander 2, Evoque, Discovery Sport

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