Front & Rear Disc Upgrade Kits to V8 Size

If you would like to improve the braking performance of your Discovery 3 4.0V6 or 2.7TDV6 you can do these simple upgrades to the larger disc sizes as standard fitment on the Discovery 4.4V8.

The braking system between the models is much the same however many feel the smaller engine models lacked braking performance, changing the discs for the larger sizes increases the stand out position of the existing brake caliper so enhances the performance through increased leverage.

The front standard disc is 317mm, upgrading with the V8 to 337mm still fits within the existing back plate and uses the existing brake caliper, you just need the different V8 caliper carriers.

The rear is the same operation changing from 325mm to 350mm discs.

You will need a minimum wheel rim size of 18 inches otherwise you can not do the upgrade.

You can change just the front if you wish but not just the rear as we believe this will affect your brake balance.

The TRW "Fist" design caliper as fitted to the Discovery is a good simple inexpensive design but needs a little attention occasionally, make sure your slider pins move freely and are lightly lubricated with a suitable rubber grease. You should also make sure that your caliper pistons move freely, uneven wear on your old pads could indicate caliper issues. Height sensor faults can also contribute towards one side wearing quicker than the other. Replacement calipers are available in the other braking sections for this model.

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