Genuine - OEM - Aftermarket

What product do you choose? We like to offer a choice where we are satisfied that the alternatives available are of good quality.

Genuine Parts are supplied to us from Land Rover, they are the exact replacement for your worn out component. We offer Genuine within many popular ranges of our catalogues, if what you need isn't there just search for the part number, if it needs ordering contact us to confirm availability.

OEM are the same parts that would be used by Land Rover during production or dealer after-sales but come in the makers packaging rather than LR packaging, usually identical to genuine, often great savings to be made.

Product meeting or exceeding the original specification but often not from the original suppliers, acceptable quality without the cost of the brand names.
Our years of experience in the parts supply business helps us source and trust what we sell to meet specification and service life. We make a point of never searching out the cheapest option, there are plenty of those available online and often do not last the expected lifespan, you would be disappointed and our reputation would be at risk.

Other Brands:
We also sell a range of globally recognised branded products that may provide product to the vehicle manufacturers but not necessarily your model, however as the brands may well be household names such as Bosch they do not deserve to be listed just as Aftermarket by us.