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Warranty - Because of the way a filament bulb is designed we cannot offer any warranty on them. We choose instead to offer the best available from known quality sources. The laws of physics dictate that there is no such thing as an incandescent (halogen) bulb that can last forever. When current flows through a filament some of the filament inevitably vaporizes. After a while this results in the filament burning out.

It is possible to design an incandescent bulb so that it lasts a long time. However, there is always a compromise involved because the luminous efficacy is reduced (i.e. the amount of light that can be generated from a particular input power). The filament can be operated at a lower temperature, or a thicker filament can be used, so that it takes longer for the filament to vaporize and burn out.

An important consideration is safety. Bulbs with an extremely long life would not meet current requirements for headlights. Because they would not generate sufficient light output to make a satisfactory beam pattern.