ADV921 0225 Granville ATF Dexron III 5 Litre

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Product information

0225 Granville ATF Dexron III 5 Litre

Product Description:
Granville ATF Dexron III is a synthetic based multi-purpose automatic transmission fluid for automatic gearboxes. ATF Dexron III is formulated using the very latest additive technology to give a product that is frictionally stable as well as giving extended service even under the most testing of conditions.

Recommended for use by Granville for the following manufacturer's specifications:
GM: Dexron II & Dexron III
Ford: Mercon, WSS-M2C 138-J & WSS-M2C 166-H
Allison: C4 MB: 236.5 & 236.9
ZF: TE-ML-09,
TE-ML-11 & TE-ML-14

Product Benefits:
Semi synthetic
Extended service life
Excellent protection & stability

Product Usage:
Granville ATF Dexron III is designed for use in automatic transmissions manufactured by General Motors, Vauxhall and Opel to name but a few. It may also be used in other manufacturer's vehicles where recommended and as a power steering fluid where recommended. 

Technical specifications

Country of Origin GB
Brand Granville
Condition New
Product Code 0225
Weight 5kg