ADV901 0198 Granville Hypalube FS 5W/30 5 Litre WSS-M2C913-D

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Product information

0198 Granville Hypalube FS 5W/30 5 Litre

Product Description:
Granvile Hypalube 5W/30 is a fully synthetic engine oil designed to provide maximum protection for modern engines requiring a low viscosity oil. It is suitable for lean burn, multivalve, injection, twin cam, turbo charged and Ford engines where this grade and specification of oil is required.

Recommended for use by Granville for the following manufacturer's specifications:
Ford: SS-M2C913-A, WSS-M2C913-B, WSS-M2C913-C & WSS-M2C913-D
Product Benefits:
Ensures lubricant performance over extended drain intervals
Excellent high and low temperature performance
Outstanding fuel efficiency
Effective environmental protection 

Technical specifications

Country of Origin GB
Brand Granville
Condition New
Product Code 0198
Weight 5kg