6124A Viscous Fan Set 3pc - Land Rover 303-1142, 303-1143, 303-1167

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6124A Viscous Fan Set 3pc - Land Rover

Additional Information

  • Viscous fan wrench set 3pc
  • Applications: Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4, New Range Rover, Range Rover Sport (4.2/4.4 petrol and 2.7 TDV6)
  • Use in pairs according to application. Slim fit design to allow for limited under bonnet access
  • Equivalent to OEM 303-1142, 303-1143, 303-1167
  • Custom made for us in Southampton

Recognised as being one of the more frustrating jobs on certain Land Rover and Range Rover models is removing the viscous engine fan from the water pump, whether to replace the fan, or to gain access when replacing the water pump or coolant radiator. The problem is holding the fan pulley still while the securing nut is released; the access is very tight and there is the added danger of damaging the radiator core if care is not taken.

This set of three wrenches is purpose-designed for the job, used in pairs, one to hold, one to undo, over 600mm long so you can just hold the fan and tap the other spanner making the release of the fan much easier than with the shorter versions of these tools, tested and approved by us. A point to remember when using these wrenches is that some of the applications are left hand threaded and some are right hand.

Must-have tools for the technician regularly working on these models. Applications include the Discovery 3 and 4, new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport 4.2/4.4 petrol and 2.7 TDV6 models. Equivalent to OEM tools: 303-1142, 303-1143, 303-1167. For the earlier Discovery 1, 2 and TD5 engines see the 5730 Viscous Fan Spanner set

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MPN 6124, 303-1142, 303-1143, 303-1167
Brand Advanced
Condition New
Product Code 6124A
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