2.0 Petrol AJ204P4 Service Parts

Service Parts F-Type 2.0 AJ20P4 Petrol 
OE references shown, please see listings below for brand choices.
Fluids can be searched using our ADV short code as shown at the end of each line. 

Oil Filter JDE37128
Air Filter T2R1882
Cabin Filter C2P2410
Sump Plug & Washer AJ813202
Spark Plugs JDE38685
Antifreeze up to 50% Mix ADV907
Rear Axle (Open Type) 0.87 Litres C2P25272 ADV931
Transfer Box 0.5 - 0.62 Litres C2Z25586 ADV903
Automatic Transmission Fluid 8.5 Litres Lifeguard 8 JDE26444 ADV911
Manual Gearbox Oil 1.2 Litres T2R17199 GX73-M1R564-AA ADV938
Engine Oil 6.5 - 7.65 Litres 0w-20 STJLR.51.5122 ADV912
Brake Fluid DOT4 JDE33972 ADV908

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